Weight Loss Diet: How to lose up-to 10 kg in a month?

Weight loss diet

Obesity Loss

How to lose up to 10 kg in a month

Obesity is considered to be the real cause of all diseases, when the extra fat starts accumulating in your body, then understand that you have to pay attention to your weight. Even today people in India ignore the problem of obesity.

According to a report, The India Diabetes Study (INDIAB), 15.3 crore people out of a total of 138 crores in India are suffering from obesity, this number is definitely less than those developed countries, but the situation is definitely worrisome.

With increasing weight, you can read more problems like backache, kidney problems, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure. So, before we can help you to lose weight (weight loss diet) Before talking about the remedies before you know what causes weight gain. Let us check what habits are stopping us for Weight Loss

1- Wrong Habit of Eating

By saying wrong eating, we do not mean by eating too much. There are many people who eat less. But despite this their weight increases.

Junk food & fast food are the major issues of weight gain

As the trend of junk food, canned food and fast food has increased in India, the problem of obesity has started increasing among the people. Due to the frequent consumption of these things, more amount of fat accumulates in the body and weight gain starts.

2- Not having enough sleep will increase the weight

A healthy person should get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but in today’s run of stressed life, such habit is reduced. It is a direct effect on your body due to less sleep.

Your body demands more energy for its fulfillment, you eat more to fulfill it, due to which the body starts accumulating more calories than the standard.

3- Not Having Patience for having food

Often, As we see, some people are always eating something. In this way, it becomes their habit now. This is also a big reason for increasing weight.

Let’s go ahead now and understand some important tips to reduce the weight gain problem. But keep in mind that any diet plan is considered successful only if it is done with complete honesty, along with at least per day 30-minute exercise/physical activity is also necessary.

What to do as soon as you wake up in the morning

Drink two glass of water in the morning. 

We assume that you must be following the habits of sleeping and getting up at the right time. Now when you wake up in the morning, drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water. Lukewarm water has too many benefits as well. Like it Improves circulation of blood, keeps you hydrated, helps relieve constipation, calms your central nervous system, relieves from nasal congestion, and May aid in weight loss.

By doing this you have two advantages – first, if you have constipation, then this problem will be reduced gradually, and secondly, the toxins accumulated in the body will be removed.

 Use detox water for weight loss

 Detox water very important in weight loss diet

 After some time, that is, after 30 minutes you can drink detox water to lose weight, detox water can be easily made in the house. Detox water helps in releasing the excess sodium, the toxins accumulated in the body.

By using this, your digestive system also becomes strong, so for the whole 1 month, you should use detox water. Now you must be thinking about which detox water to use, according to us the simple ways you can make detox water, like Apple Cider Veneer Detox Drink, Ginger Detox Drink, Lemon Detox, Honey & Orange Detox


Know Your Weight loss diet

Breakfast (8:30 am to 9:00 am)

Between 8:30 to 9:00 in the morning you have breakfast, remember that whatever you eat is not very high in calories and oily. But still, we tell you about some breakfast:

 a) Oat Meal

Oats are considered a good breakfast. In this case, there is absolutely no amount of fat and cholesterol. It is also easy to make. Add low-fat milk in half a cup of oats and cook for 5 minutes, then add a little honey or seasonal fruit.

 b) Egg Omelette

If you want, you can add omelet to your morning breakfast, but make sure you do not have more than 250 calories in your morning breakfast. Take 2 eggs for the egg omelet and use only the white part.

 c). Brown bread with peanut butter

Include brown bread in your diet, but eat it with a high protein spread like brown bread and peanut butter.

d). Poha

Poha is used as the best morning snack in Indian cuisine. It contains about 76.9% carbohydrate and 23.1% fat and 0% protein so it is a portion of good breakfast food. Actually, the body needs energy in the form of carbs in the morning, eating Poha will be beneficial to fulfill it.

Blood sugar control: Poha is rich in vitamin B which helps to keep blood sugar under control. If you also want to keep your blood sugar under control, then eat Poha in breakfast every morning.

Helpful in reducing obesity: Even though eating Poha keeps the stomach full, but its intake never increases obesity because only one bowl of Poha has at least 250 calories. Apart from this, essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are also found in it. If you are on dieting, do not add peanuts to the Poha, or else the calories will increase.

 Lunch Time (12:00 1:00)

If your calorie does not exceed 300 calories in your lunch, then during lunch you can eat any green vegetable or dal with veg soup, brown rice, lentils, half cup of steamed vegetable rice, chapatti. Remember to cook the vegetables in less oil.

Evening Breakfast (4:30 5:30)

In the evening breakfast, you can include any fruit, along with some dry fruits, green tea, boiled eggs, and fruit juice.

Dinner (8:00 to 9:00)

Dinner should be lighter than the whole day, for this, you should eat a little boiled vegetable with boiled chicken breast or use chapatti.

Try salt-free for every alternate day after you complete your dinner. Try to finish your dinner at 8 in the evening.

By using this diet, you can lose up to 10 kg of weight in a month, you should drink 9 to 10 glasses  or approx 2 litre of water throughout the day.

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